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Car washing may seem like a waste of water to some concerned about our environment. It actually saves a great deal of water over a car washed in the driveway. Less water is usually used in a professional car wash than a drive way washed car. All the water used at the ANIMAS AUTO SPA is recycled and used again and again and again and again.

PROBLEM :: Home Car Washing Contributes to Pollution

Most people who wash their cars at home don't even realize that they are contributing to pollution. Home car washing releases contaminated water directly into the environment or into storm drains, intended for rainwater. These drains flush water directly into our local lakes, rivers, and waterways.

ANIMAS AUTO SPA Conserves Water

ANIMAS AUTO SPA has spent a great deal of time and resources perfecting our process. We use a highly sophisticated system of pumps, valves, tanks, filters, nozzles, and sprayers to wash your vehicle. ANIMAS AUTO SPA only uses powerful pumps, and high-pressured nozzles to clean your car quickly, without generating a great deal of waste. By using these high-pressured systems to increase water pressure, we are at the same time reducing water volume, therefore, conserving water.

The Environmental Protection Agency Recommends
Professional Carwashes

The United States EPA website lists many ways in which we can all protect our environment around our own homes, and one of their suggestions is as follows (EPA's Do's and Don'ts) ,"Alternatively, go to a commercial carwash that uses water efficiently and disposes of runoff properly."

Together We Can Help Save Our Environment

As time passes our world is becoming more and more aware of our environment and our surroundings. Through technology, time, and experience we have learned what factors affect our environment negatively and also how to not only reverse some of this damage but also prevent future damage. Together we can help protect our environment and preserve it for the future! It is time to recognize that home car washing is another serious type of pollution that can be eliminated simply by using ANIMAS AUTO SPA, a professional Car Wash.

Soaps and People

ANIMAS AUTO SPA Car Wash uses soaps that are friendly to the environment as well as to people. They are designed with the possibility a child may accidentally open a window while the car is being washed and takes a shot of soap in the face. It won't cause serious problems if that happens with our soaps. I have my hands in them all the time - no problems other than a sting if I have an open cut.

Professional Car Washes Dispose of Water Safely

The Clean Water Act requires ANIMAS AUTO SPA to pipe dirty water to water treatment plants and state approved drainage facilities. Unlike washing at home, our wastes are treated before being released into the environment. That is certainly not the case when washing cars at home where wastewater leaches into and damages your lawn, drinking wells, and local waterways. At ANIMAS AUTO SPA we also use only bio-degradable detergents and chemicals which are not only gentle on your vehicle but also the environment!

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